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  gsm mOBILE TELEPHONE INTERCEPTION AT $1,500.00 12/03/10

  • Two new live GSM call interception videos have appeared on YouTube, which conclusively demonstrate that the $1,500.00 interception equipment that Chaos Computing Club (originally based in Germany) specified on 27 December, when they  announced they had pre-computed the GSM codebook. 

  • There are are two parts to GSM interception, i) the codebook ii) the equipment and In December it was announced that the codebook was available, but a promised live demo of the equipment was never carried out publicly.
  • Lack of this hard evidence prompted the GSMA to state (in response to the publicity around the codebook) that even if the codebook was available, then equipment was not available to intercept and process calls from GSM radio waves in the first place.
  • Well, these videos show the equipment is real, working and easy to use. In fact, the second video demonstrates the software running on a Motorola Android cell phone rather than a PC.
  • The presenter, Chris Paget, is the partner of Karsten Nohl (who led the GSM codebook cracking project) and this is the equipment demo that would have been shown in December. 
  • Note: this is a man-in-the-middle attack which uses a fake base station to get nearby cell phones to log on to it, routes calls through it, and records those calls. It does not involve passive listening of GSM calls and decryption using the codebook.
  • However, the same equipment can just as easily be used for this passive attack as well. The key point is that the hardware and software to capture and process GSM calls is available and works.
  • Video 1: Interception with fake base station running on a laptop:
  • Video 2: Interception with fake base station running on a smartphone:

eNGLAND football team hotel 'bugged' 09/03/10

  • The Football Association will review security around the England team – and especially access to rooms used for squad meetings when they stay in hotels open to the public – following a "bugging" incident last week.
  • The perpetrators are yet to be identified but are understood to have made up to six hours of recordings that include England players talking about a variety of subjects, including personal matters, and also include the England manager, Fabio Capello, talking tactics ahead of England's friendly against Egypt.
  • It is believed the recordings were made at the team hotel, The Grove in Hertfordshire, but it is not known how; whether by bugging device, or hidden tape recorder or even by some more complex eavesdropping device
  • A closer scrutiny of meeting rooms and "sweeps" for recording devices appear likely in the future as the FA focuses on preventing such incidents happening again.

NEws of the world 'bugging claim'

  • The publisher from the News of the World paid £1m in court costs after its journalists were accused of involvement in phone tapping, it has been claimed. The Guardian says three cases were settled out of court after journalists allegedly hired private investigators, who obtained the information illegally. It claims the News Group paid £700,000 in damages and costs to the head of the professional footballers' association.

       Mobile Phones

  • The Guardian claims up to 3,000 high-profile figures were targeted including the model Elle Macpherson, former Deputy Prime Minister John Prescott and Publicist Max Clifford.
  • The Guardian said; 'evidence alleging journalists used investigators to hack into mobile phone messages and voice mails of numerous public figures was presented in High Court proceedings'. It claims investigators went in search of bank statements and tax records.
  • Police investigation.   Former Labour home secretary Charles Clarke said the allegations were "sensational". "If they are true, the behaviour of News International and some of its senior executives is disappointing, immoral and probably illegal".



    Was there an early intelligence warning about a fishing boat brining terrorists, who would make an audacious attack on Mumbai? Yes, but it came too early, and the search had been conducted and called off even before the terrorists were launched from Azizabad near Karachi in Pakistan.

  • Research and Analysis Wing (R&AW), India's' external intelligence agency, had claimed that it got three intercepts on Sept 18, Sept 24 and Nov 19 about possible attacks from the sea. R&AW claimed to have first 'sensed it' when one of the terrorists, apparently from a ship, contacted a senior aide of Lashar-e-Toiba on his Thuraya satellite phone in Pakistan occupied Kashmir.

  • Was this a hoodwinking attempt by the terrorists to influence the Indian Intelligence and security agencies to heighten alert states, causing large scale searches and activity that would inevitably slacken off before the actual attack was conducted?

  drazah solutions ltd TSCM Equipment

  • In December DSL took delivery of our first TALAN telephone and line analyzer, this is part of our ongoing upgrading of equipment. The TALAN replaces one of our ETA-3A telephone analysers and we will be looking at replacing our second ETA-3A with another TALAN later on this year.Talan Telephone Analyser
  • The TALAN now enables us to not only carry out checks on Analogue and Digital systems, but VOIP systems as well. We feel very positive about the TALAN and all the functions that can be carried out on it.
  • By investing in the latest technology, we can assure our trusted client base that we will remain ahead of our competitors and more importantly ahead of those who may wish to surreptitiously gain advantage over any of our clients.                             


HISTORY CHANNEL drazaH Solutions tracks elephant &  rhino tusks

  • DSL have conducted training and provided the Kenyan anti-poaching services with micro tracking technology capabilities in an increased effort to stop Rhino and Elephant ivory poaching. The Kenyan Park Rangers have received specialist instruction and practical use with advanced GPS and GPRS capabilities that can be locally monitored or viewed over an IP facility. It is hoped that the use of technology will enhance the Rangers coverage of the park areas providing force multiplication through technical surveillance. The effort is geared to identify the traffic chain around the globe while reducing the threat against livestock in Africa. The main aim is to identify the dealers so that the main players can be identified, arrested and convicted.


  • Intelligence agencies believe the endless wave of deadly suicide bombings, climaxing with one of the deadliest 9/11 type attack on the Islamabad Marriott on Saturday, signify the revival of al-Qaeda and Taliban networks, which had been forced out of their bases in Afghanistan and Pakistan (story at The News International) The News International Website Logo


  • DSL operates a Quality Management System which complies with the requirements of ISO 9001: 2008 for the following scope:

ISO Certificate of Registration

  • The provision of Technical Surveillance Countermeasures (TSCM) to assure clients that whenever they are using areas which have been 'cleaned' through the TSCM Sweep process that there are no surreptitious transmitting devices, hidden microphones or cameras within that specified area.
  • ISO 9001 Registration

ISO9001: FS 538769