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The TSCM Team

The drazaH TSCM teamWhen selecting a TSCM Team, the experience that has been gained by the team, the quality of the equipment that the team uses and the method and conduct of the TSCM Sweep should be taken into account.

The drazaH Solutions Sweep Teams use overlapping technology with a range of ECM tools to ensure that the complete range of eavesdropping devices are covered. We are one of a few companies that can cover the electromagnetic spectrum from 0 - 6 GHz.

A competent TSCM Sweep Team should also have operational experience in the deployment and the locating of surreptitious surveillance devices. Our Team has accumulated over 80 years of experience with UK Special Forces, the Security Services, the SIS and the Metropolitan Police Special Branch. DSL are able to train basic and advanced standards of TSCM Sweep and ‘bugging’ detection.

A creditable Sweep Team should have a minimum of the following equipment:

  • Spectrum Analyser
  • Non Linear Junction Detector (NLJD)
  • Mains Driven Detector
  • Physical Search Equipment
  • Telephone Analyser
  • Mains Line Detection
  • IR Detection
  • RF Scanners & Camera Detection

DSL will can also provide Technical Security Counter Measures

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