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Context Based Training

Context based trainingContext based trainingAdvanced driving trainingdrazaH Solutions have the ability to provide context based training for a variance of skills and services. We are a company that has accumulated a vast experience in the security solutions market place, specifically towards the technical aspects of security.

We can provide training courses at our dedicated training establishment. We are also proven providers of training projects valued at over £5m for the US DoD, the MoD and the Defence Industry.

drazaH Solutions has accumulated over 80 years of specialist training experience, we are a company that aspires to excellence in all that we provide.

Training Services

  • Technical Surveillance
  • Technical Surveillance Counter Measures
  • Tracking, Locating and Monitoring (TLMS)
  • Covert Technical Deployments
  • Cameras
  • Audio
  • Video
  • Locks and Alarm Access
  • Covert Method of Entry (CMOE)
  • Data Forensics
  • Advance Driving