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‘Expertise in Hazard Reversal’

As a global provider of both technical and physical security, drazaH Solutions Ltd (DSL) is uniquely positioned to enable military forces, government agencies, law enforcement departments, international organisations, and commercial customers to assure their high-value assets.

DSL is an expert provider of technical surveillance and counter surveillance solutions, capability development and assessment, and the associated context oriented training.

Diagram of drazaH services


The company has vast experience in the development, application and operational deployment of specialist surveillance capabilities and has a proven ability to operate in both permissive and non-permissive environments.

DSL prides itself in taking a solution focussed and supplier agnostic approach to providing the appropriate capability for its clients.

DSL operates in over thirty five countries and has ongoing interests in Eastern and Western Europe, Africa, the USA, Asia, Middle East and the Far East.